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Re: OT: complaints about systemd

On 10 October 2014 12:40, Michael <codejodler@gmx.ch> wrote:
At this point, think about architectures. (Thanks heaven we're a little more on topic now ;)

Especially Debian tries to support many architectures, at least as good as resources provide.

Lennarts Operating System Troll (LOST) resulting in DLL (Distributor-Less Linux) woul probably remove support for the minor archs. The 'linux app' market places replacing Distributors won't take responsibility for such a difficult time-consuming task, and the developers themselves certainly won't do it either. I can't see any solution to this problem. The diversity of archs may simply vanish, in last consequence.

Well, Poettering probably sees this as as a pro.

Along the existing distribution framework, a great deal of community will vanish too.

But distributions are a place where concerned people meet and talk, and work collaboratively. It's also a good starting point for developer newcomers. And IMHO those 'superfluous' meetings about questions of whom to support, where to go, or ideals and ideas like freedom in general, are a core part of the whole thing.

If the implications of SystemD turn out to be this disastrous, then this will lead to a flowering of new forks that eschew SystemD, and, further, it will lead to the death of a bunch of Linux distributions.

It's bad, organizationally, for Debian, but a whole lot of the other "flowers/forks" come and go with little real fanfare, so this isn't so fundamental a change as may strike some...
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