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Re: My new Etch 2.6.18-4 install segfaults and freezes!

"Pascal Giard" <evilynux@gmail.com>:

> 1) resetting the bios?

Try that first anyway in such cases, if you or someone ever played 
with it before. 

(Enter the BIOS pressing F2 or some similar key, as mentioned 
on the first or second 'boot' screen, and look for something like 
'Reset to defaults'. Usually this is completely safe. Leave BIOS 
with 'Save new settings and exit'.)

Memory DIMMs: Sometimes people do not insert them correctly,
thy have to snap in (have a close look) and you often need some 
surprising force to be successful.

If a mem DIMM bar is defect then you should see BIOS error at 
bootscreen, or incorrect amount of mem reported. Note that 
BIOS usually reports detected size in Kilobyte (long number ! 
with a "K" at the end).

> 4) running memtest86?
I believe in most cases this is not necessary.
It's time consuming, too.

> On 4/3/07, marie s <mrstrn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I don't even know where to begin to try to fix this. I

If you really want to get help then please what are you doing ?
Which kind of machine, and whatever you think is non-standard:
Like, what kind of mainboard, and, if IDE or SATA (or PATA) 
controllers (if you know), which Debian version, any unusual 
partition setup or filesystem formats.
You can try to look up system with a knoppix CD, it would be 
interesting if this one runs with less problems. 
Lookup /var/log/syslog and kern.log 
For example, enter a shell or terminal, and 

su root
cd /var/log
grep -n 'disk\| ide\|mem\| ram' * > /tmp/grepfile

Attach /tmp/grepfile to mail.

If you don't know the right tools and how to debug, 
just ask on any debian list most debian people know

> > But since the "corruption" was reported in different
> > files every time I ran the test

What if harddisk or mainboard is defect.

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