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SATA drives not recognized on new install


I just built an amd box with a 5600+ processor on an MSI K9A Platinum
MB.  The latest (as of yesterday) netinst version of debian-amd64 was
used to boot up the system.  I saw none of the BIOS features which were
mentioned on the installation page as things which had to be disabled,
ran the memory up to 800 Mhz, etc., etc.

The boot process times out when trying to communicate with the SATA
drives (I have 2 WD drives, both recognized by Windows when I installed
that later).  The message given is along the lines of 

"ata.1: SATA drive failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error  errmask=0x104)"

Other lines earlier in the boot included 

SATA max udma/133 cmd 0xFFFFC2000000ED00 crt 0x0 bmda 0x0 irq 1277
SATA link SStatus 123 SControl 300

	(I have no clue whether these are helpful, though.)

This happens for all 4 slots (with only 2 being populated, of course).
I tried to get an idea of what people did with similar problems
(amdforums), and tried a variety of boot options (noapic nolapic; noapic
acpi=noirq|off ; etc.), none of which helped. 

One time I was able to shft-pgup and saw a line about a BIOS bug, along
with the letters MCFG, but I couldn't catch it again at other times.
Looking at dmesg later on following a normal boot showed no such line in
the part of dmesg which had been saved.

It appears that most if not all other HW is recognized, including the

The K9A has the ATI RD580 north bridge chip and SB600 south bridge, and
is a Crossfire board (which I don't care about).  The BIOS version is
1.3 (Dec. '06).

Is this likely a problem of not having the right support built into the
installation disk, and if so how can I get around that?

Can I build an amd64 kernel on my 32 bit kernel machine and somehow
build a bootable disk off of that? (a flash drive perhaps?)

Many thanks for any help!

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