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My new Etch 2.6.18-4 install segfaults and freezes!

Hi, I just tried to install etch from dvd on an AMD64
system and after the install, things have begun to go
very badly .... system has been working fine for a
day, but today dselect exited with an error about
corrupt /var/cache files, and when I rebooted with the
DVD, the debian installer said that the dvd (all 3 of
them!) were corrupt.

But since the "corruption" was reported in different
files every time I ran the test, I decided to look
closely at the system. Trying to check the partitions
wtih e2fsck caused the system to lock up, I get kernel
panics randomly when I reboot, and now most
applications  segfault on me.

I don't even know where to begin to try to fix this. I
can't install new software, I can't run most
applications, I have no idea what could be wrong. But
I know that I get these problems pretty steadily
today, whether booting from the hard drives or the
rescue dvd. Could this be a hardware issue? Anything I
can do to debug the problem?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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