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Re: New problem with an hp CD5750

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 08:23:48PM +0200, jp.pozzi@izzop.net wrote:
> I had a try with the kernel and the same settings and a liilt
> bit of :
> make oldconfig
> But I don't know how to setup LILO to boot either with the "old" kernel
> and HDA or with the "new" kernel and SDA and how to deal with the fstab
> problem !
> SDA or HDA that is the question !
> Is there a mean/trick to have a sort of "equivalence" between /dev/sda
> and /dev/hda or a parameter to say : please see "SDA" as "HDA" !

Ehm, no.  Since the device entries would be different.

Now you could setup your fstab and root= to use labels instead or
possibly the uuid of the filesystem.  Then it doesn't matter what the
device is called.

And why would anyone use lilo anymore?  Grub is superior in every way,
and much simpler to work with.

Len Sorensen

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