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Re: My new Etch 2.6.18-4 install segfaults and freezes!

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 22:15, marie s wrote:
> Hi, I just tried to install etch from dvd on an AMD64
> system and after the install, things have begun to go
> very badly .... system has been working fine for a
> day, but today dselect exited with an error about
> corrupt /var/cache files, and when I rebooted with the
> DVD, the debian installer said that the dvd (all 3 of
> them!) were corrupt.

This smacks of a hardware fault.  First, go back through your BIOS settings 
and make quite sure you aren't overclocking  (even accidentally).  If you 
have more than one memory module, try taking them out and replacing just one 
at a time in turn.  Then run memtest86 or compile a kernel.  If possible, try 
the RAM in another motherboard.

Good luck finding what's up with it.  Intermittent faults are always the worst 
to diagnose.

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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