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Re: tyan board

On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 04:32:30PM -0400, dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:
> I received this from the Tyan automated tech support mail system.
> They say that the nVidia nForce chipset isn't supported in Debian.
> Does anybody know from the Debian perspective if this is true?

In sarge that is probably true.  In etch it almost certainly isn't.
Support depends on the kernel version, not the distribution.  The nforce
pro 3400 is as far as I can tell a modification of the MCP51/MCP55
series chipset, which I believe is what the 570/590 is.  So it is
basicly an nforce 5 series chipset with some server oriented specs.

The nforce2 works with sarge (I have multiple machines with it), the
nforce 3 works with sarge (my wife's laptop has that chipset), and the
nforce 4 might work with sarge, but might not work perfectly.  A newer
2.6 kernel works fine with it.  The nforce pro 3400 chipset in this case.
Of course this does appear to be one amazingly new chipset, and hence may
not be fully supported yet, although if they claim RHEL can boot on it,
I expect anything with a recent kernel should too.  Drivers for any fake
raid or other such device on the other hand may be harder to get.

As for what actually supports that board, I can't really find anything,
since it appears to be much too new for anyone to actually have one yet.

> I take it that this refers to current Debian 3.1.  Since 4.0 isn't released
> yet but will include an AMD64 specific version, will it then work?

I would think so.  Just because they won't support it, doesn't mean it
won't work.  Redhat and Suse don't get to have their own kernels with
special drivers other people don't get (unless they add binary only
drivers seperately for some things).

Dell also doesn't support Debian, but lots of people use it anyhow.

Len Sorensen

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