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tyan board


I'm building my new computer and am ready to look at boards.

I've settled on AMD AM2 socket.

I don't do games but would like to transfer videos to DVD and
watch DVDs (edit out commercials?) and other home use type stuff.  For this,
I want a good selection of USB, more than one SATA, firewire, etc.  In fact,
the n3400B is only short the eSATA to match the features that I would use
of the ASIS Crosshair (apparently a gamers' heaven).

I want a solid reliable board as I usually only get a new computer every
10 years or so.  

I understand that Tyan boards are very good and generally well supported 
in Linux.  So far I've found the Tomcat n3400B and the h1000s.

The Tyan website under 'drivers' has them listed specifically for
RHES and SLES.  How does this translate to using these boards under Debian?

I've been trying to answer this myself using Google without success.  

Has anyone used either of these boards?  


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