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Re: [Mpqc-users] reiserfs/md1/failure/threads

Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:

> First I checked the HDs, reseeding dimms. OK.
> Then, because reiserfs 3.6 of my choice was unanimously considered 
> inappropriate for amd64, I reinstalled amd64 Deabian etch with daily-build 
> netinstall: primary partitions for boot,  root, and swap, alongside logical 
> partitions /usr, /var, tmp, /home, ext3 throughout.
> Finally I run memtest86+ v1.65 booting it from CD as it is, without 
> intervening on BIOS. With option "ECC OFF" for nearly eight hours (two full 
> passes and a quarter) no memory error was detected. 
> Then I discovered that Ctrl-c allows setting memtest86+ "ECC ON" while 
> running. The test is now at merely 18% without errors.
> The reason for e-mail now is to ask if this is a correct procedure with 
> memtest86+ for my eigth slots of Kingston ECC , 1GB each. I looked on 
> internet but it was not clear.
> At any event, calculations with mpqc with Thread will probably be a more 
> stringent test than present one.
> Thanks for advice on for-last paragraph.
> francesco

We had memtest often not fail but real life use then reports bluesmoke
errors or crashes. Seems that for todays ram memtest is quite useless
short of detecting totaly broken ram.


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