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Re: Broken applications: Openoffice on AMD64

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, sigi wrote:

I'm using this package since it's released, and had only very few
crashes. OOo only crashes while opening some MS-word files - with some
others it has no problem.

Saving documents failed never here - neither on .odt nor .doc-files.
Mostly I use OOo-writer - and that package seems to work very well.

Well, I did experience problems on a sarge box, related to java (on which
openoffice heavily relies). The problem persisted with the java runtime
environments from sun, ibm, blackdown, and apparently was simply due to java
triggering a bug in the libfreetype packaged in sarge. I compiled the sid
libfreetype6 package from source on sarge, installed it and the problem
disappeared completely, with no ill effects apparently. Since this appeared
to be a difficult to track problem, I failed to report it, but here it is. I
could reproduce it consistently by running through the wizard to produce a
fax template.



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