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Because the matter is rather obscure to me, sent also CC to mpqc although it 
seems an exclusive problem of the OS.

OS: Debian amd64 etch
Hardw: Tyan S2895 K8WE; two 265 dual opteron; 8GB ram Kingston ECC; raid1; 
temperature cpu low throughout.

Process: mpqc 2.3.1 calc b3lyp geom optimization  MCsearch OO calculation 
for a large molecule, max_iterations = 40, memory = 5GB, launched as

$mpqc -messagegrp "<ShmMessageGrp>:(n=4)" filename.in | tee filename.out

all 40 iterations were completed in a couple of days, with "Optimization NOT 

Restarted from the last minimum geometry, with memory = 7 GB, launched as

$ mpqc -threadgrp "<PthreadThreadGrp>:(num_threads=4)" filename.in | tee

calculation hanged after ca 11 hours with warnings:

ReiserFS: md1: warning: vs-5150: searchby key: invalid format found in block 
589839. Fsck?

ReiserFS: md1: warning: vs-13070: reiserfs_read_locked_inode: i/o failure 
occurred during tryong to find stat data of [7109 7110 0x0 SD]

ReiserFS: warning: is_tree_node: node level 0 does not match to the expected 
one 1.

and several other similar warnings.

Thanks for suggestions


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