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Re: reiserfs/md1/failure/threads

A few other solutions I had with reiser

Was seeing consistent sleepycat database corruption together with the type of log messages you described on MD softraids about 6 months ago

I ended up dumping the reiser for xfs and upgrading the kernel from 2.6.8 to 2.6.12

For reasons of performance/stability/realiability, some of these systems needed 3ware raid controllers which required kernel upgrades to 2.6.16

I would have liked to have stayed with reiser, but it just didn't seem to behave well in the Debian amd64 OS

Today I have over 100 happy Debian amd64 servers running 2.6.12/16 with xfs on soft and hard raid configurations

Peter Yorke
Sr. Linux Server Engineer
Thumb typed from a tiny keyboard.

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Erik Mouw wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 12:01:31PM +0100, Jo Shields wrote:
>> Mickael Marchand wrote:
>>> check your memory (yes it's going to be long, but that's almost always
>>> the reason of reiserfs failures)
>>> I am stressing hard reiserfs on various amd64/em64t boxes, no pbl so
>>> far.
>>> every box I found corrupting filesystems were having :
>>> 1 - bad hard drives that a low scan confirmed
>>> or 2 - bad memory that a real long memtest could detect
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mik
>> I'll add to this - I've seen corruption with all filesystems on my 
>> office desktop (which has screwed memory, but they refuse to fix it). 
>> EXT3 gave up on journalling & just started writing junk, costing me my 
>> /home.
> Ext2/ext3 complains about errors, but you normally don't see that
> because it's hidden in the system log files. It's a good thing to mount
> partitions with the "errors=remount-ro" option. If anything goes wrong,
> the kernel will mount the partition read-only. Reboot+fsck will save
> your data.
>> Reiser is lasting up better, but reiserfsck segfaults when it 
>> sees /home
> That means that the filesystem has errors. Reiserfsck is able to detect
> them, but because nobody has seen those errors before it will segfault
> on them. That also means that the reiserfs filesystem driver in the
> kernel will happily screw the filesystem further up without notice.
> Back up your data *NOW* before it's too late.

Meh. I stopped using my desktop for real work a while back, since it 
locks up under load. If I ask nicely, they take my machine away for a 
week, sit on it, then give it back to me.

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