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Re: counting scsi hosts

On 05/22/06 01:51:37PM +0200, H. Wilmer wrote:
> Jim Crilly wrote:
> >>There's no such module; I think SCSI support is compiled into the kernel.
> >
> >
> >That would probably be a valid assumption.
> Yeah, I'd say I did that :)
> >Well to even attempt reloading anything you need it as a module, infact I
> >prefer to make everything possible a module and use an initrd. But in this
> >case it wouldn't make a difference since you can't umount the filesystem to
> >be able to reload the module anyway.
> True --- and then, what's the advantage of using so many modules? If 
> something is compiled into the kernel, there cannot be any trouble with 
> an inability to load it. So I prefer to compile in everything that is 
> required anyway to get things running and cannot be removed.
> GH

More stuff is configurable without a recompile. If I add/change hardware I
don't have to do anything unless it's something required for booting and
even then updating my initrd is simple. And I have run into cases where
reloading modules will fix things, of course it's not possible for a few
things like the filesystem and store driver of the root fs, but most other
things can be reloaded if you kill the processes using them. I've had a
number of times where reloading a NIC driver reset the NIC and fixed a
problem and I've had to switch between ALSA and OSS sound drivers more than
I'd like to admit. I don't see the benefit of compiling things in
statically, you're limiting yourself too much that way IMO.


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