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Still having random crashes after installing X with nvidia

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> >
> > I finally got X up with the nvidia drivers!  Lovely screen.  I had no
> > idea my monitor was capable of such high resolution.  It's now my
> > favorite machine to work on.  Despite the crashes.

Well, the crashes *do* gt wearying -- it tends to crash acter 
somehwere between one and thirty minutes of X use.

I've done a bit of testing using XDMCP.  The AMF64 machine seems to 
crash when it is the X server.  When it is just the X client (I log 
into it from elsewhere), is seems to work fine.

Unless I get some help from this list, the next thing I'll be trying is 
going throuth the list of optional addons to X that dpkg-reconfigure 
xorg-server provides and taking them out.  Things like direct rendering 
and GL support and such.  Is this likely to keep nvidia's openGL suport 
from working?

-- hendrik

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