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Re: counting scsi hosts

On 05/19/06 01:45:34PM +0200, H. Wilmer wrote:
> Jim Crilly wrote:
> >Reloading a SCSI host driver (i.e. gdth, aic7xxx, etc) will increase the
> >counter, reloading the SCSI core itself (scsi_mod) will reset the counter
> >back to zero.
> There's no such module; I think SCSI support is compiled into the kernel.

That would probably be a valid assumption.

> I would also have compiled the gdth support in, but unfortunately it was 
> only possible to compile it as a module. That in turn required to use an 
> initrd.image :(

Well to even attempt reloading anything you need it as a module, infact I
prefer to make everything possible a module and use an initrd. But in this
case it wouldn't make a difference since you can't umount the filesystem to
be able to reload the module anyway.

> >Are you sure you're using gdth for your root? I thought it was just for
> >SCSI controllers, I didn't know any SATA controllers used chipsets
> >supported by that driver.
> Yes, the Vortex is an SATA RAID controller and needs the gdth module:
> 0000:02:02.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec ASC-29320A U320 (rev 10)
> 0000:03:01.0 RAID bus controller: ICP Vortex Computersysteme GmbH GDT NEWRX
> There are no other disks than those attached to the RAID controller in 
> the server. The only device on the Adaptec is a tape changer.
> I can recommend the Vortex controller, no problems with it in about two 
> years. It's running a RAID5, 1TB on 4 disks plus one spare.
> If a disk fails, it will beep, so you _will_ notice. You replace the 
> disk and that's all. --- I've had a disk failing in another server that 
> also has a Vortex after about 3 months. It beeped and kicked in the 
> spare; the replaced disk is now the spare, so it gets away with only one 
> rebuild.
> 3wares are a little cheaper and work also (no problems except for a disk 
> starting to fail in about 3 years, running RAID1 with two IDE disks), 
> but they don't have a beeper.
> A beeper is definitely worthwhile.
> GH

I was under the false impression that the gdth driver was just for some
older legacy cards, the card definitely sounds nice I'll have to consider
one next time I need a RAID controller.


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