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Re: apt get for AMD64

On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 11:06:38AM -0700, Sean Roe wrote:
> Well I am sitting across the room from the machine, so no proxies just a 
> switch is between my workstation and this new server.  This is all new 
> hardware so, I am not inclined to to think its hardware, but then 
> again.  Are there any switches in the tg3 driver?

Bad network cable?  Bad network card?  Bad cpu/memory/mainboard?

Something is causing you to have packets truncated, as you ssh certainly
said (as did gzip).  If you have ssh fail between two machines connected
to the same switch, then either the switch, cables, or one of the
machines has something broken.  Most likely, this fault is breaking
apt as well.

Len Sorensen

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