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Re: How to install nvidia driver

Tony Power wrote:
>     1. At what point are your consoles messed up? Do they look weird
>     right after
>     the nvidia module loads, or only after you start X and switch back to a
>     console?
> They get messed up after I start X and then switch to console mode.
> (blue and white)
> And when I kill X with ctrl+alt+backspace (complete white screen)
>     2. Are you using a framebuffer console or plain old text-only?
> I'm not using frame buffer, although it's enabled on the kernel.

I suppose you could try using vesafb -- it's not likely to cause any
problems and looks a lot nicer than the default console anyway. See

I don't really expect that to help you, but it's all I can come up with.
If it doesn't work then I'm out of ideas; unless someone else here can
help, you should try posting on the nvnews.net linux forum.


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