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Re: How to install nvidia driver

> Hi again!
> Now I have another problem.
> After installing nvidia drivers, my consoles (ctrl+alt+F1,F2,...) have a
> diferent color. Not the normal black and white.
> Now I get blue (background) and white (characters) consoles, and most of the
> times, fuzzy blue and white. Sometimes I get a complete white screen (no
> charaters) that shows coloured lines progressively.
> Anybody knows why is that?

I've never seen that before, and I probably can't help. I have a few
questions, though.

1. At what point are your consoles messed up? Do they look weird right after
the nvidia module loads, or only after you start X and switch back to a

2. Are you using a framebuffer console or plain old text-only?

3. Do these problems go away (at least temporarily) when you turn your
machine completely off and then on again?


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