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Re: How to install nvidia driver

On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 07:13:40PM +0000, Tony Power wrote:
> Well, It worked fine!
> Thanks.
> The only think I can't do is to define 1280x800 resolution. I could do it
> with the nv driver.
> I've tried all sorts horizsync and vertrefresh on xorg.conf, and I can't
> make it work 1280x800.
> I have an acer aspire 1524 wlmi with 15.4" LCD and geforce fx go 5700.
> If anyone can do it please let me know.

Does it give an error in the log about EDID max of 1024?

My wife's compaq r3240 did that too, and it turns out there is a bug in
the nvidia kernel modules, in that the options to the nvidia module that
are supposed to be defaults are not in fact the defaults and they don't
do the right thing on some laptops.

I think I had to set NVreg_Mobile to 0 ie:

options nvidia NVreg_Mobile=0

If I read the source code correctly, it is mistakenly set to 0 in one
place and 1 in another (1 means Dell) and it seems to use the value 1
even though the comments say 0 should be the default.  0 is autodetect.

Once I did that it detected the screen size properly and allowed my
1280x800 modeline to work just fine.  I had tried dozens of modelines
and couldn't get anything wider than 1024 to work.

If you can't get it working let me know and I will go look up the exact
options I passed to get it working and the modeline I used.

Len Sorensen

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