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lordSauron <lordsauronthegreat@gmail.com> writes:

> okay... so, let's just say that hypothetically I choose to be a little
> less than intelligent and try to use the motherboard built-in software
> RAID.  Would that work?
> Also, I'm a little skeptical of Linux's software RAID being better
> (ie. faster) than my motherboards.  Is there any statistics I can look
> at in regard to this?

The motherboard raid has to be handled by a special software raid
driver inside linux. That means you are getting the exact same
performance as normal software raid but you are stuck with the
controler and highly specific metadata. Yu can't plug the disk into a
different controler and have it work there anymore.

Also the way the motherboard raid organises its data might be less
optimal than what normal software raid does. At a minimum it will be
less flexible. Linux software raid might be faster or slower but it is
tuneable to your needs. The motherboard raid will be static.

> Once more, thanks for your considerable patience in dealing with me -
> someday I might evolve into a semi-respectable linux sub-guru...

It is strongly recommended not to use the motherboard raids on any
board. It just has no advantage but drawbacks.


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