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On 11/10/05, Colin Baker <colin@colinbaker.org> wrote:
> For what you would end up spending on such a card, you're probably
> better off just buying a faster hard drive.

So I'm really going to be in the neighborhood of ~$100 USD or more for
the card alone?

Well, a faster HDD won't help much, since I can only go up to SATA150
without buying a better controller card.  However, if I can RAID 0
some cheap drives together, that'd be great, since I could have a
bigger drive and faster.

So, if I were to get two SATA150 drives, plug 'em into my box, and
shove in the Debian Sarge amd64 install disk, how easy would the
install be?  Could a dolt like me (as in not terribly command-line
savvy) get through with only sub-fatal injuries?

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