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On 11/10/05, Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at> wrote:
> well it has to map the raid device to the real discs...like with all
> raid levels
> also...
> raid 0 isnt really raid...
> raid means _redundant_ array of independet/inexpensive discs...
> and raid 0 isnt redundant at all

I'm interested in RAID 0 b/c I want drive speed, not drive
reliability.  I've got a full-tower ATX case which runs amazingly cool
and quiet, so I'm not concerned with my drives freaking out and
spontaniously dying.

So the current installer does not support the motherboard's RAID,
which is slower, but what about setting up linux's kernel's RAID?  Can
the current Sarge installer do that?

Also, I know about RAID 0, 1, and 50, but what on earth is RAID 5 and
6?  I think RAID 5 has to do with networked JBODs, but I'm not sure...

Thanks for your help - you're really giving me a lot of excellent
information to think about!

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