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Re: Mplayer/Totem slow motion

Roberto Pariset wrote:

>>>however, sis has no 3d acceleration (dri). i think you should use
>>>mplayer with -vo xv. it works file with movies, on my laptop.
>>and so DRI settings are unuseful?
>i am afraid of so. i have given up on my laptop, but that's really
>rubbish. oh wait, see what http://www.x.org/X11R6.8.2/doc/SiS2.html
>Option "DRI" boolean]
>        Although this option is accepted for all chipsets, it currently
>        only makes sense on the 300 series; DRI is only supported on
>        these chipsets. This option enables/disables DRI.
Why is that? Why is only that series supported? I could not find any
ansewer so far... (BTW: I have a SiS M760 card :-( )


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