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Re: Now that I have working box, any problems with LVM?

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 06:47:32PM +0000, J.A. de Vries wrote:
> I was considering to use LVM on my brand new box now that is working. I
> have never used it before, but want to learn about it. (How's that for a
> reason? }:-) Before I start this little endeavor I'd like to ask if
> anyone knows of any caveats of using LVM[12] on debian-amd64. Also what
> are the feelings on the list of adding root to LVM? This is not a
> critical box in any way, but as it is supposed to be a server stability
> is of some concern.

In the past at least, the installer and grub and all did not deal with
LVM for root.  Not sure if they do now, but I personally wouldn't try.
I do put everything else on LVM though.

Most of my machines run 
md0 raid1 /boot ext2 128M (using /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1)
md1 raid1 / ext3 20G (using /dev/sda2 /dev/sdb2)
md2 raid1 LVM PV (using /dev/sda3 /dev/sdb3)

One VG on the PV using all space

lv 2G swap
lv 20G /home
lv 100+G /data

I tend to move /var/www and /var/lib/postgres to /data and symlink them
into the original place when I have a lot of data for that service.

The last machine I setup, the entire setup was done with raid1, lvm and
all from the debian installer.  It has gotten a lot better than it used
to be.

Len Sorensen

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