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Re: x.org binaries for amd64

Dne po 13. června 2005 21:15 Mickael Marchand napsal(a):
> Christian Schaefer a écrit :
> > could anyone please give me a working sources.list line to get
> > x.org-binaries for amd64?
> deb ftp://ftp-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/linux/debian-amd64/ ./
> works like a charm here for weeks now.

I have tried x.org because I want randr rotation (I have monitor with pivot 
feature), but after rotation, KDE screen was rotated with unchanged 
resolution (trying to display 1920x1200 image on 1200x1920 monitor). It was 
few weeks ago on Sarge (KDE 3.3 + Ubuntu x.org).

Do I need patched or newer KDE for correct rotation?


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