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Re: Now that I have working box, any problems with LVM?

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 11:51:17AM -0700, Joel Johnson wrote:
> I have had not issues using LVM with root on it. You'll save yourself 
> alot of headache by putting a regular,small /boot partition at the 
> beginning of the drive, then using the rest for LVM if you're so inclined.
> I'd like to get others opinions on filesystems on LVM - I've been using 
> XFS which lets you grow the filesystem online. What are others' 
> experiences with various filesystems. Reiser and I believe ext3 are 
> growable and shrinkable, but only offline. Any other points to consider?

I have been very disappointed in the stability of 2.6.8 + raid1 md + lvm
+ xfs + nfs + samba.  Leaks memory like mad, runs out of ram, crashes,
requires lengthy xfsrepair runs after a crash, and performance nowhere
near what it should be.

I have now switch to ext3 instead on the same setup, and it has run
flawlessly since, no crashes, no memory leaks, much faster.  I don't get
it since xfs should be a very good filesystem, but it seems there are
bugs in 2.6 that make it unusable in certain setups.

Len Sorensen

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