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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

eternalnewbee wrote:

> >This one is at least supported in 2.6.10 and above, in plain SATA mode.
> >Using the proprietary software raid crap in the Sil chips isn't
> >recomended.  
> Why not?
> The lowly Windows has been doing just fine with SiI; why is it not
> recommended under Linux?

Linux's "md" RAID subsystem has been around for a long time, can do
more than the SiI's drivers (e.g. if you wanted RAID 5 or RAID 6; or
some of your RAID components were on a different controller), makes it
easier to move the array to a different controller in the future, and
often gives much higher performance than other software RAID

The "dmraid" driver under Linux (which I've never used) should support
the on-disk format used by your SiI controller's firmware if you need
it for some reason, e.g. compatibility with another operating system
on the same array.  However it isn't supported by the Debian installer
yet, so you'd have to install the system temporarily onto another
(non-RAID) drive, and then move it across later.  Note that it's still
software RAID, the same as the RAID functionality provided by SiI's
Windows drivers is.


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