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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

Erik Mouw wrote:
On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 03:22:27PM +0300, eternalnewbee wrote:

I too have had similar installation problems with SATA-RAID stuff
with SiI chipset and I was forced not to use Debian.

SiI SATA RAID is not hardware RAID. See Jeff Garzik's SATA RAID FAQ at
http://linux.yyz.us/sata/faq-sata-raid.html#sii .

Having found myself unable to install Debian AMD64 on that box,
I naturally found out that SiI 311x stuff is not hardware RAID.

Trouble is, I wanted to dual boot stuff --not just Linux but
also Windows etc., and being enlightened about SiI not being
hardware raid really did not help.

Apparently, it does not help even now.

You can do the same thing in Linux using an md device.

I do very much hope that the stuff below helps you guys to make
Debian installation auto-detect SiI chipset and use SATARAID
with them.

Try "dmraid", see the SATA RAID FAQ:

I haven't tried it, but together with device mapper it should
> be enough to get it started.

OK. This sounds like an interesting approach.

Except that, I dont see how it works when you are at the box
installing Debian --that is, if I got it right, dmraid comes
into play only after you installed Debian yet you need its
functionality *during* installation.

IOW, dmraid needs to be integrated into the installer, no? :-)

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