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Re: Gnome broken in Sid?

On 06/11/05 08:48:06AM +1000, Pete wrote:
> Hi all,
> I did my first update in a week or so today, and now find that Gnome is 
> doing very strange things indeed.
> Firstly, gnome-panel appears to be gone.
> I have no menus at all, only desktop icons.
> When I try dselect and look through things, most Gnome items appear to 
> be 2.8.2, but gnome-panel is 2.8.3 and gnome-panel-data is 2.10!!!
> If I try to install gnome-panel, it wants to remove most of my installed 
> applications.
> I can't seem to find a bug report about this, so not sure if there isn't 
> one or if I'm looking in the wrong place.
> Can anyone confirm that this is affecting them too or if I'm just going 
> nuts?

Yes, the Gnome 2.10 build started earlier this week and parts of it haven't
made it into sid yet so things are broken. I don't have a full Gnome
installation, so the only thing I noticed is that libgnomevfs2-common is
2.10.1-4 while gnome-panel and gnome-panel-data are at 2.8.3-1 so upgrading
libgnomevfs2-common wants to remove them. If you hadn't upgraded yet, I
would have recommened that you just put the Gnome stuff on hold for a few
more days until Gnome 2.10 finishes it's way into sid.

> Pete


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