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Re: Gnome broken in Sid?

Jim Crilly wrote:

Yes, the Gnome 2.10 build started earlier this week and parts of it haven't
made it into sid yet so things are broken. I don't have a full Gnome
installation, so the only thing I noticed is that libgnomevfs2-common is
2.10.1-4 while gnome-panel and gnome-panel-data are at 2.8.3-1 so upgrading
libgnomevfs2-common wants to remove them. If you hadn't upgraded yet, I
would have recommened that you just put the Gnome stuff on hold for a few
more days until Gnome 2.10 finishes it's way into sid.

Thanks Jim, I figured it might be something like that.

At least I can run a terminal and manually launch my app's, so I'll just wait patiently until the rest gets upgraded which should solve my problems.



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