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Re: Gnome broken in Sid?


El sáb, 11-06-2005 a las 08:48 +1000, Pete escribió:
> Hi all,
> I did my first update in a week or so today, and now find that Gnome is 
> doing very strange things indeed.
> Firstly, gnome-panel appears to be gone.

> Can anyone confirm that this is affecting them too or if I'm just going 
> nuts?

It seems that GNOME 2.10 is moving into unstable from experimental. I
don't know if the transition is working fine on AMD64, but so far I
haven't experienced the same problems as you and I've updated all the
components I could (almost all libraries) without having any noticeable
failure so far.

Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net>
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