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Re: amd64 into mainstream

On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 07:30:10AM -0400, Ed Cogburn wrote:
> Spoken live a true Server dude.  :)  The Desktop people aren't interested in 
> tossing out quality, but part of their definition of a quality OS is 
> reasonably up to date software.

What makes kde 3.4 so much better than kde 3.2?  Why does your desktop
need to be updated?  My mom thinks win98 is just fine for her needs,
while my dad runs XP.  Why do people think newer is always better?  At
university why had a solaris box in the CS club, which ran 2.3 even when
solaris 8 had been released, since well it worked great as an email
server, and no one wanted to do the work of reinstalling solaris for no
good reason.

> Which is why there probably *should* be 2 Debian siblings and not one Debian.  
> The Server and Desktop siblings have common roots and a shared biology but 
> very different, and unfortunately, incompatible goals.

No one says you can't run debian testing on a desktop.  I do it all the
time.  Now perhaps what would make it a better idea is if somehow the
security team had the resources to support testing.  testing still
breaks less often than FC releases are broken as far as I can tell from
reading people's reports on using them.

Len Sorensen

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