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Help with installation


I am having difficulty getting the Debian-AMD64 distro installation
process underway and I am hoping someone might be able to help!

I have been using the 32-bit Slackware distro up until now and my
knowledge of Debian, and AMD64 arcutecture/distro is birtually

I've been following the debian-amd64-howto and have elected to install the
distro via the chroot method as I have a brand new machine with a blank
hdd plus I need to boot with a custom 64-bit kernel because I need the
kernel to have the Speakup screen reader compiled in.  (I'm blind)

Compiling the 64-bit kernel went OK and I am able to boot into a 64-bit
environment as per the instructions in the howto.  I downloaded the
sid-amd64-netinst iso and mounted it via loopback.

I am not sure what to do next to initiate the installation process.  The
howto indicated that there should be a debootstrap binary somewhere which
I assume might get me on my way but I am unable to find a debootstrap
binary anywhere on the iso.

The main Debian Sarge installation manual talks about a base.tgz file
containing an installation binary but I assume (possibly incorrectly) that
this can't be used in this case because it would be 32-bit.

Can anyone please direct me to where the installation binary is and
anything else I need to do if indeed this is what I need to get the
installation process underway.

Thanks in advance,

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