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RE: Unable to boot sarge ia64 disk 1

Ahhh (sheepish grin with tail between legs), yes, trying to boot the wrong
instruction code would kind of explain why I wasn't having any luck...

Many thanks guys - apologies for the email, yup, I'm feeling pretty stupid
right now.

Regrettably, we've actually switched over to the Ubuntu AMD64 distribution
in the mean time (I did actually try the network bootloader from alioth, and
it did boot, but failed to pick up the network card.). I should have read a
little more about the IA64 and AMD64 being different architectures
initially. Sorry for the lame email and any waste of time caused - many
thanks for the fast response.

Kind Regards, 

Andrew McGhee

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Andrew McGhee wrote:
> We've downloaded and burnt the iso for February 14th 2004, sarge 
> (testing) ia64, from the bittorrent sources - but have been unable to 
> get the CD-ROM to boot.

You are going to feel really silly when you realize the problem.

> Our system is
>     AMD64 CPU (Sempron +3000)

  amd64 != ia64

You are trying to boot the wrong architecture!  You need the amd64 iso not
the ia64 iso.  Try the sid-amd64-netinst.iso from here:



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