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Re: Sata and Ati Xpress 200

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 03:12:31AM +0100, karel04@gmail.com wrote:
> this makes things clearer.  It seems I was using the emulation mode. 
> Although I read about it in earlier messages, I did not realise that
> not enabling RAID (even with a single harddrive) would enable the IDE
> emulation mode on this board.  It seem that the RAID part is by
> Silicon Image, so I wil play around with the drivers...

Which Sil chip does it use?  Doesn't it have SATA ports connected to the
main chipset in addition to the Sil?  Many boards will have 4 sata
ports, 2 from the main chipset, and 2 from an Sil chip.  I would try the
mainboard ones first.  For the Sil, if the chip is a 3112 is should just
work even without raid enabled.  For the Sil, I don't know what the
state of support is, since it's one of those awful proprietary software
raid chips, although hopefully one can disable that crap and use it as a
simple sata controller.

> Well, I tried a 2.6.10 kernel from an ubuntu release.  But the AMD 64
> debian releases from alioth behaved in a strange way.  At startup it
> asks you to choose between linux, linux26, expert and expert26 but
> none of the *26 files are found... strange (probably just another
> filename).

Well the amd64 releases only use 2.6 kernels, so they don't have the
option.  The 32bit debian has those options.  I was wondering if it
could detect the sata.  I thought you were trying that for some reason.

> Anyway, I have found a 10Gig traditional IDE harddisk at work, this
> should solve my problems for the moment.
> Thanks for the help, I know what to look for now.

Len Sorensen

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