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Re: quality mainboard

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 01:41:12PM +0100, amel.kapetanovic@freesurf.ch wrote:
> It's a long time that I want to work with a linux system, and I choose Debian.
> I have yet the time to work seriously but I must buy a new hardware. I need
> to have a computer usable like an HTTP and/or RDBMS (PostgreSQL) server.
> I realy don't know which mainboard to choose (VIA, AMD8000,...  - singe/dual
> CPU ... ??).
> Could please someone help me for this choice ?

Well personally when buying computers, I stick with Asus motherboards,
usually the higher end models (P6NP5, P5A, A7V, A7N8X-E-DX, etc), and
have never regreted it.  I never have liked the P4 design (it reeks of
design by marketing, not technical expertise), so I have been buying
Athlon's for a number of years, and the AThlon 64 is certainly nice.

I have very little experience with dual cpu systems, but do know they
are expensive, and there are a lot less options for motherboards, and
they require registered memory (costs more, runs a bit slower), and
of course the opteron cpu costs more than a regular athlon 64.  Unless
you actually need that much processing power, the single cpu systems are
a lot more reasonable in price.  For the athlon 64 the best chipsets
seem to be the via and nvidia chipsets.  I have personally only tried
nvidia for the athlon 64, but both via and nvidia for the athlon 32bit

Don't forget quality power supplies and ram also matter.  After that,
things don't tend to affect reliable operation very much.

Len Sorensen

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