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Sata and Ati Xpress 200

Dear debian users,

I am having some trouble to install debian on a system with an athlon
64 on a msi board with the relatively new ati xpress 200 chipset.  The
cdrom on the ide channel works, but my harddisk connected to the
on-board sata thing is not.  RAID is not used.

I have tried both sarge and sid from alioth, as well as some other
distributions (but I have only little experience in actually
installing linux) without success. I tried to read all the relevant
messages on the list, but sometimes I was not sure, how to do the
things suggested.

I loaded "debian from scratch" and tried lspci.  It seems that debian
identifies the sata controller but does not know what to do with it. 
Any ideas how I can get it working easily?

I tried to connect the harddisk to different connectors on the
mainboard as has been suggested in some other post. To disable the
IDE-Bus does not seem to be a useful aproach.  Btw. I did a quick
install of Windows XP, everything seems to work, but I need a unix
system for my application :(

Thanks for any help or suggestions...

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