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Re: Recommended Graphics card for OpenGL (now is Matrox G450 / Athlon 64)

Le mardi 26 octobre 2004 à 11:50 +0200, Thomas J. Zeeman a écrit :
> > I wonder whether anyone knows (if any) graphics board can be bought
> > which also has complete source code for reasonable, even average,
> > performance OpenGL (Mesa) which also works on pure64?
> >
> > [...]
> > ps. currently using a Matrox G550 graphics card.
> If the G550 does not perform as good as you want it to with OpenGL then I
> think there is hardly a card that is going to fit the "complete open
> source" requirement.

I own a matrox g450 that is ok for my needs. It's quiet and fast enough.
It runs well on debian i386 but didn't manage to make it works with
OpenGL / DRI with debian amd64 (of course with the all same hardware -
nforce3 amd64 hardware).

My main test after glxinfo is to run tuxracer to check if it works well.

Does one of you have any good experience or any advice with these
graphic boards on 64
bits linux ?


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