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Re: Matrox P650 and Athlon 64


> So, I conclude that waiting some time before actually trying to install
> 64bit on my machine is a good idea?
>  What do you think, can I expect support for my graphic-card provided by a
> 64bit-X-Server at some time in the future, as some of the older
> Matrox-cards are supported in 32 bit?

If you can afford to wait for more than 12 months or even longer before
Matrox finally decides to publish a working amd64-enabled driver, then I
would say it is a good idea.
For me it was not. I wanted to be able to have a working machine with X.
I checked which manufacturer did more than pay lip-service and ended up
with a list containing only nVidia.

Also, don't hold your breath for OSS drivers. The existing ones are for a
completely different GPU-architecture (the G-series) for which they
published enough documentation to get OSS drivers to be created.
The new Parhelia-chip is 'classified' and I do not think they want to
disclose any documentation even if you are willing to sign NDAs.


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