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Re: Recommended Graphics card for OpenGL (now is Matrox G450 /Athlon 64)


> I own a matrox g450 that is ok for my needs. It's quiet and fast enough.
> It runs well on debian i386 but didn't manage to make it works with
> OpenGL / DRI with debian amd64 (of course with the all same hardware -
> nforce3 amd64 hardware).
> My main test after glxinfo is to run tuxracer to check if it works well.
> Does one of you have any good experience or any advice with these
> graphic boards on 64 bits linux ?

On amd64 I only got experience with a Matrox P650 and an nVidia 6800LE.
The first crashed in every graphical config I could think of. Only CLI
worked. Matrox was very unresponsive and offered no help beyond a 'did you
flash it with the latest BIOS?'.

The nVidia works great, albeit a little louder than I would really like
due to a fan-based cooling (Zalmans HP-80 does not fit and the NV Silencer
is not as silent as I was lead to believe).

Also check the thread I started somewhere in August I think about the
subject of recommended videocards for an AMD64-system.
>From memory I don't think there was anyone who mentioned having a working
Matrox though.


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