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Re: package updates in Sarge AMD64

softadmin wrote:
> After using the Sarge AMD64 distribution for some time, I did notice the 
> Package.gz file gets updated but the packages inside the archive don't.
> (I'm talking about the distribution at:
> http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/sarge/dists/sarge/)
> Is this due to a technical problem, or a shortage on manpower?

I have been seeing (and reporting) similar problems on alioth's
package archive.  Things update but not consistently.  And for example
at this moment Alioth is unreachable for me.  I think these problems
are just an artifact of it not being on the official archive machines
and instead using a new process over on the side.  There are bound to
be some bugs and problems when turning on a new process.

> Running unstable is not a option. We need to have a production system by 
> December. We need a 64 bit distribution for a cluster project.
> Or should we switch to a other distribution?

There is a misunderstanding here.  The alioth depot is basically
sid/unstable.  The installer is the sarge installer.  The package
archive is ready to go into Debian sid but it has yet to make that
step.  The issue of getting into sid has seen heavy discussion on the
lists.  Until it gets into sid it can't move into testing.  Until it
gets into testing it can't become stable.

I suggest you look into the Ubuntu distribution for amd64.  It is
based upon Debian so you should feel right at home with it.  But
unlike Debian the Ubuntu folks have chosen to release and support
amd64 at this time.



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