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Re: Recommended Graphics card for OpenGL (was Matrox P650 / Athlon 64)


> I wonder whether anyone knows (if any) graphics board can be bought
> which also has complete source code for reasonable, even average,
> performance OpenGL (Mesa) which also works on pure64?  Presumably
> nVidia has released some source code, but from my limited experience
> with nVidia graphics on 32bit laptops, not all the source code was
> released.
> [snip]
> ps. currently using a Matrox G550 graphics card.

If the G550 does not perform as good as you want it to with OpenGL then I
think there is hardly a card that is going to fit the "complete open
source" requirement.
Possibly the Ati 8500 or derivatives up until the 9200 could do the job,
but I don't know for sure.

For nVidia there is no OSS driver with working, accelerated 3D, only a
closed source. nVidia is the only one with a driver for AMD64 available


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