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Recommended Graphics card for OpenGL (was Matrox P650 / Athlon 64)

"Thomas J. Zeeman" <tjzeeman@xs4all.nl> writes:

> Hi,
> > So, I conclude that waiting some time before actually trying to install
> > 64bit on my machine is a good idea?
> >
> >  What do you think, can I expect support for my graphic-card provided by a
> > 64bit-X-Server at some time in the future, as some of the older
> > Matrox-cards are supported in 32 bit?
> If you can afford to wait for more than 12 months or even longer before
> Matrox finally decides to publish a working amd64-enabled driver, then I
> would say it is a good idea.
> For me it was not. I wanted to be able to have a working machine with X.
> I checked which manufacturer did more than pay lip-service and ended up
> with a list containing only nVidia.
> Also, don't hold your breath for OSS drivers. The existing ones are for a
> completely different GPU-architecture (the G-series) for which they
> published enough documentation to get OSS drivers to be created.
> The new Parhelia-chip is 'classified' and I do not think they want to
> disclose any documentation even if you are willing to sign NDAs.


I wonder whether anyone knows (if any) graphics board can be bought
which also has complete source code for reasonable, even average,
performance OpenGL (Mesa) which also works on pure64?  Presumably
nVidia has released some source code, but from my limited experience
with nVidia graphics on 32bit laptops, not all the source code was

Also I'd like to report that pure64 works out of the box on (another)
ASUS SK8V (VIA K8T400) with a 248 Opteron and it flies - great work

Thanks Gaius

ps. currently using a Matrox G550 graphics card.

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