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Beginner question about pure64 vs. sarge vs. gcc3.4


[ I'm new to 64bit, but read amd64 HOWTO and the like ]

I want to setup a Debian/Sarge-like system on my Athlon64fx. I tried
an install of "sarge" with a Debian-Installer-CD. The install itself
looked good, but it couldn't write a correct boot loader, neither GRUB
nor LILO. The MBR became corrupted.

The questions:

1. Is the recommended method an installation via bootstrapping
   into a chroot based on a classic 32bit system?
   (The Installer ran good, maybe I just forgot something. The 32bit
   installer installed GRUB without problems.)

2. After the broken MBR, I wanted to boot from the install CD with
   parameter "root=/dev/...". That didn't work. I tried different
   names: /dev/hda6, /dev/sda6, /dev/discs/disc0/part6, but always get
   kernel panic "Unable to mount root fs".

   Is this possible in any way? It seems to need some modules for my
   SATA harddisc. So maybe it won't work with the kernel on CD.

Steffen Schwigon <schwigon@webit.de>
Dresden Perl Mongers <http://dresden-pm.org/>

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