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Re: K8S Pro (S2882UG3NR) + Sil 3114 (Raid 1) + Sarge

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 11:09:55PM +0900, Nils Valentin wrote:
> so what you 2 are saying is that bsically a Sil3114 is as good or bad as any 
> other software raid with the exception that it can start a boot process while 
> on the other hand being proprietory ??
> If I create a Software raid with f.e. Debian and I decide to Dual boot into 
> Mandrake, Suse ... whatever should that work ?

Linux software raid is entirely portable between distributions, although
you may have to tell each distribution to look for software raid (the
partition type set to raid autodetect helps of course, but does nothing
unless raid is looked for).

Part of the bad of using a proprietary software raid is that you need a
driver that is binary only, and doesn't come with standard kernels and
may not even be available or compileable (if it has a wrapper) on the
kernel you want.  Software raid on the other hand is controller
independant and should work with any kernel that has software raid
support.  Booting is slightly more involved although not very.

Len Sorensen

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