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K8S Pro (S2882UG3NR) + Sil 3114 (Raid 1) + Sarge

Hi eveybody on the list,

I am trying to setup a Opteron box. I am having a hard time to setup Raid 1 on 
the sata drives connected to the sil3114 controller.

The same system works under Suse Linux 9.0 perfectly fine. Now I try to make 
it a dual boot machine and get Debian on the box as well. I am using the 
Debian netinstall image (sid-amd64-netinst.iso) The Debian Installer seems to 
be fine until I get to the point harddisk configuration were it sees only the 
2 sata drives separately. 

That should basically tell me that the sil3114 driver is either not included 
or not working the way I expect it to be. 

Does anybody have any ideas ? 
Feel free to leave your rant ;-)

kind regards

Nils Valentin


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