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Re: K8S Pro (S2882UG3NR) + Sil 3114 (Raid 1) + Sarge

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 12:04:48AM +0900, Nils Valentin wrote:

just read your reply once more. Just for the records: Iam looking for hardware raid. I already ahev Suse Linux up and running and actually just want debian to be able to access the drives the same way (after the reboot). That is (without the hardware raid) basically a typical dual boot setup.

Shouldnt there be a Driver for the Sil3114 Controller ? I know that Tyan makes the drivers for Suse and Redhat. I was hoping that perhaps a nice driver developer is reading this and spend a few hours of devoted motivation to get this done ;-)

Best regards

A SiS3114 is NOT hardware raid.  It is software, just secret proprietary
software.  If you want hardware raid with open source drivers, you have
to get a 3ware card or a scsi raid card.  Those are the only choices at
the moment.  Other hardware ide/sata raid cards exist, but not with open
source drivers that I am aware off.

The driver for Adaptec 2410SA (SATA raid PCI-66/64bit) are open source. They are included in the kernel.


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