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Matrox P650 and Athlon 64


I have an Athlon 64 3000+ and a matrox P650-graphics-card. (I can provide 
information on the rest of the hardware if you need it).

At the moment, I´ m running a 32-bit-Debian.
Now, I wonder if installing a 64-bit-Debian makes sense on my system. I didn´t 
find any information on 64-bit-X-support for my card.

Is getting a 64-bit-X running on my system in a reasonable good way possible?
(I already had the problem that even with the 32-bit-X, the VESA-driver didn´t 
work properly, I needed the driver provided by matrox)

If not, what can I expect for the not-too-far future?



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