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Re: Matrox P650 and Athlon 64


> I have an Athlon 64 3000+ and a matrox P650-graphics-card. (I can provide
> information on the rest of the hardware if you need it).

I used to have a similar system.

> Is getting a 64-bit-X running on my system in a reasonable good way
> possible?
> (I already had the problem that even with the 32-bit-X, the VESA-driver
> didn´t work properly, I needed the driver provided by matrox)

You can probably forget running anything X-related in 64-bit mode. It
might work by now, but not with Matrox's driver and hopefully the
VESA-driver does not crash on startup any more like it did for me a few
months ago.

> If not, what can I expect for the not-too-far future?

Easy and reasonable are not what I would expect from this combo.
Also, don't expect anything from Matrox. AFAIK they have not even
published beta's for WinXP 64 let alone Linux.
Speaking of their Linux-driver. It is buggy and has seen no release since
last december. A few hints have been given in August that they are still
working on a new driver, but I would not bet on that.


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