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Re: switched to ubuntu

Ubuntulinux appears to be the most complete and polished amd64 distro
by far (I tried, mandrake, suse, debian, gentoo, and knoppix 64).  It
is  very farahead of other distros when it comes to complete 32-bit
compatibility.  I'm a relative newbie, but apprently the libraries are
set up in a way be default where you can seemlessly install (via
apt-get or synaptic) any 32-bit program without any hassle.  At least
I haven't come across any that haven't worked from ubuntu and sid's
repositories.  Works much faster than suse or mandrake, and somehow
seems to have better automatic hardware detection than debian pure64. 
This doesn't make sense, but it's true.  First, Ubuntu recognized my
internet connection immediately and set up DHCP, debian pure64 failed
and I had to manually configure it.  I was also unable to get my
debian pure64 to recognize and use my video card (Nvidia GeForce 6800)
correctly, even after trying to install the amd64 linux driver from
nvidia's website.  With Ubuntu, XFree  was set to vesa as a failsafe,
and after running the driver install program, editing XFree, etc. I
was up and running.  Also didn't have the sata drive/motherboard in
compatibilites that took me forever to figure out in debian, it simply
worked upon install.

I really think Ubuntu will very quickly become a major distribution,
one of the top few.  I think a proper analogy for Ubuntu compared to
Debian is when Mandrake first started out compared to Redhat at the
time.  Basically the same system, just a little more friendly, pretty,
and up to date.

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